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12 Aug 2019
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Particl Marketplace: How to choose which market to display, and create one.

by demarkets

Particl is now live, and a general marketplace is now available, with a few dozens listings already. This is great, and we can see many different things being sold but ....

... What if you want to make a specialized market? A freelance only market for example?

Even without the "multi markets" feature on the wallet, you can do it now 🔥

We will explain how to.

Create your own marketplace keys

First, you will need to create a set of keys that will identify your market.

You can do so on this website:

For example we obtained these keys :

Public key : PsB6pWEeB4FdJJrv7EauJ9P76XTStVgyT

Priv Key: 4dj97pX2vWD86bupB42siuwq8XDng8qFGqA745CmufSd8sah6bW

Change the market on Particl Desktop

To do so, you will need to change keys in the Particl market configuration. You can follow the Bitcoin wiki, as it will be in the same App folder.

On MAC Os for example, you can find the folder in:

~/Library/Application Support/

when you've found the particl-market folder, you can edit the .env folder (if it's not displayed, show the hidden files)

You can then simply change the line 27 and 28 on the file with the keys that were given to you, or that you generated.

Demarkets listing markets

We will start to list the different markets -that stays legal- on

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