| XFX Core Edition Radeon R9 295x2 Hydra Edition
23 Aug 2019
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XFX Core Edition Radeon R9 295x2 Hydra Edition

by demarkets

Shipping: Worldwide (17 PART for shipping)

Price: 260 PART (475$)

Seller: ParticlSeller -

Discord: ParticlSeller#2634


This is an XFX Core Radeon R9 295x2 graphics card which is basically two 290x with slightly higher clock speed put into one card module.

More details:

Excellent for mining alts, especially ETH, and is still excellent for gaming. For benchmarks, check up this video on Youtube:

The card is used but is very well maintained with only minimal cosmetic wear. There is no damage or issue with any of the component, and only a few minor scratches can be seen on the case (the bigger scratch can be seen on picture number 3).

It has NEVER BEEN OVERCLOCKED or over used, and was manipulated with extreme care. The card has been cleaned before being put up for sale

I am selling it only because I'm building a new computer with a newer RTX card and overkill new components. THIS DEAL IS A STEAL, and god knows getting PART is the only reason I would ever sell this godlike GPU!

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