| Unique Custom 18" & 24" Bitcoin Artwork
22 Aug 2019
Markets Boutique Bitcoin Wood

Unique Custom 18" & 24" Bitcoin Artwork

by demarkets

Shipping: Worldwide where wood products are allowed. (35$ shipping fee in US)

Price: 150$ - 200$

Seller: Numerous successful sales to all types of different people in different countries from Twitter.

Twitter: @cnesigns


This is our first original design that we've offered for sale during a soft launch on Twitter.

We offer these in 18" and 24" pine wooden rounds.

18" are $150


24" are $200

***Without Shipping***

They are burnt with a torch and than sealed with a Shellac stain.

We are focusing now on mainly using Oak hardwoods for our artwork & rounds - it is a higher quality product & serves it's purpose!

The Oak Bitcoin rounds will be released very soon - contact me on Twitter to reserve your artwork today or request a custom design.


We offer an unlimited amount of designs that can be custom made based on what you desire. The main focus is creating Bitcoin related artwork on multiple different surfaces and numerous options for the final product.

Each piece of art is cared for with the utmost care while being made and handled.

This is a brand new start up - these are the two designs we've created so far and will be offering dozens more over the coming months as requests are received.

I will be working closely with any buyers to make sure you receive exactly what you desire on any custom designs. We've already sold numerous unique pieces of artwork with a smooth track record on Twitter.

Please share our presence on social media! @CnEsigns

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